“Switzerland Land of paradise”

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Switzerland Tourism

Used to say that ‘Once in my life I have to visit Switzerland to be able’ because Switzerland is a country full of magical nature. Whether it is the grandeur of the high mountains, rivers, lakes, or even a town with its own beauty. It is a charm that is like no other. It attracts tourists from all over the world to travel to Switzerland throughout the year. That is very popular, it will be a winter tour of Switzerland.

In addition, Switzerland offers activities for tourists who come to Switzerland to have fun. And search for a variety of new things as well If you still can’t imagine where to go to Switzerland, there are the places to visit in Switzerland. Which is a landmark you should not miss. And you will know why Switzerland is ‘Land of Heaven’

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva in the northwest of Switzerland. There is an area adjacent to France. And it is also considered the largest lake in Switzerland. This lake was formed by melting glaciers that are more than 10,000 years old. Lake Geneva is a crescent-shaped lake. It covers an area of ​​more than 582 square kilometers.

When visiting Switzerland on Lake Geneva You can take a walk in the park around the lake. Take a scenic boat ride Or explore the old town to find hidden archaeological sites Such as St. Pierre Cathedral, museums and galleries.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. Located between Neuhausen am Rheinfall and Laufen-Uhwiesen. It is more than 23 meters high and 150 meters wide and is over 17,000 years old and also has the castle of the German (Schloss Worth), a German castle on the other side of the waterfall.

In addition, the highlight is the two islands that emerge in the middle of the waterfall. The island on the right has a staircase to climb up to see the view as well. For those who want to take a boat trip to see the waterfall, there is also a yellow boat that takes a little adventurous trip, while the pink line is a cruise around.

Jungfrau Peak

Jungfraujoch is located near the town of Interlaken. It is one of the highest peaks in the Alps. It is more than 4,000 meters above sea level and was also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

So if anyone wants to go up to see the view of Jungfrau Mountain, they can go by train. Once up, there is a history museum of the construction of the Jungfrau Mountain Railway. Plus, there are must-see highlights such as the Ice Palace (Ice Palace) with ice sculptures. And the walkway through the ice tunnel to see As for the spring visit, the scenery here is filled with flowers blooming all over the mountains. But if you come to Switzerland in winter, you will see the peaks covered with snow. Giving an atmosphere and a different kind of difference But certify that it is beautiful as well

Mount Pilatus

Pilatus Mountain is approximately 10 kilometers from downtown Lucerne and is accessible for both half and full day excursions. You can also hike on the steepest mountain cog train in the world. It is the highlight of this trip. Plus, the views on both sides of the road are also very spectacular.

Oeschinen’s Lake

Lake Ursy Hill is located in a valley near a small village in the town of Bern. This sea is formed by mountain streams that flow down to the lake and the passage of water through the soil. In winter, Lake Erche, the hills freeze up to five months, and you can go ice skating or ice fishing. Because this is a good fishing spot There are many types of fish that fishing lovers should not miss. Lake Erchinen is also now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Switzerland is a country full of natural wonders. And there are also many important historical attractions. Anyone who likes to travel close to nature And love the romance of ancient ruins, castles or historical landmarks It is a destination that you must travel to once in your life.