Little Europe at Banahills, Vietnam

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Vietnam was a country that was formerly a French colony. Therefore, it is not surprising that many In Vietnam, there will be beautiful European-style architecture, and one of them must be given to a few European cities. At Banahills, it is a European empire with all things high on a mountain top. About 40 kilometers from Da Nang city, this place was once a French vacation destination. And after the war ended The French returned and left the city. Therefore has been renovated And add more new tourist spots, becoming a popular tourist destination in Vietnam at this time

Take a cable car through the fog

Before going up to Banana Hill We also have to ride the cable car. Through the fog to reach the top of the mountain Can see the view below all directions Both houses, mountains, waterfalls and, most importantly, is the longest non-stop monorail in the world, 5,042 meters long  . 

French Village

When arrived, take a walk around France. It is a beautiful building designed to have an authentic European atmosphere. But can be found nearby Just Vietnam Traversing the alleyways There are many beautiful check-in angles for taking pictures. Anyone who likes to take pictures must not miss. I certify that I have stopped shooting at almost every point. As for anyone who wants to stay at a resort on Banana Hill Will have a very European accommodation experience But must book in advance because even though there are hundreds of rooms But with the number of tourists in each day it may be full

Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is the newest highlight of Ba Na Hills. Is a golden bridge that curves along a mountain And was carried by two giant hands like this By this area is a scenic viewpoint. The whole picture of the green mountains And if the weather is cool Walked along the bridge with mist around Beautiful and romantic to another.

Temple on the top of Linh Chua linh Tu Mountain

On this Kingdom of Ba Na Hills Not only a place to relax But there are also temples located. Linh Chua linh Tu Temple is a Chinese temple. Overlooking the great white Buddha image standing outdoors. Which has a height of 27 meters, believed to be the center of Yin Yang. And the connection point between the sky and the earth

The Flower Garden of Love, Le Jardin d ‘Amour

And here there is also a colorful flower garden, Le Jardin d ‘Amour garden divided into 9 zones including  Legend Garden, Mo Spring Garden, Memory Garden, Thought Garden, Love Garden, Heaven Garden, Holy Garden, Secret Garden, and Grape. Garden, each zone has its own theme. 

Fantasy Park

And the fun on Banana Hill is not over yet. If you haven’t already entered the Fantasy Park, an indoor and outdoor theme park. Variety of players There are light rides for children to thrill-seeking rides for adults. To add more fun and excitement And should try to ride the  Alpine Coaster that runs along the track to take us to collect the atmosphere around Banahill is complete.