Khiluk, amazing natural phenomenon

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Khiluk Lake is in the city of Osoyoos. Southwestern British Columbia, Canada, is a lake that is not connect to a river or external body of water. The water in the lake is derive from the melting mountain snow and rainwater that has accumulated over many years. It is salty water that is highly alkaline and rich in minerals such as magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium sulfate. including silver and titanium.

When the weather is cold, Khiluk Lake  looks like a normal water source. But when summer comes, the minerals in the water react with heat and sunlight. crystallize and has a strange appearance that is like a polka dot including many colors especially green and yellow which in the ancient Indigenous peoples often collect minerals to make amulets and use water as an ingredient in traditional medicine. 

During World War I speckle lake ore is use to produce ammunition. And a wealthy family tried to buy the surrounding land. to make a spa But the Canadian Indigenous Affairs Agency can protect it. To be a treasure for future generations

Current Lake Dot (Spotted Lake) is protect as a cultural and ecological sensitive areas. For this reason there is a fence and restrict access to the area. So as not to be destroy. But tourists can visit the polka dot lake in summer. along with the amazing view of the surrounding valley