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Kingdom of Norway is a country in the Nordic group. Located in northern europe Western part of the Scandinavian peninsula It extends to Sweden, Finland and Russia and spans the sea to the Atlantic. Close to Denmark and the United Kingdom. Norway is a country with a long coast and home to the famous fjords, Norway is cover by more than half of icebergs. Especially in the highlands and high mountains, they are cover with ice all year round. Many areas have complex mountains, narrow gorges and many plains. 

Most of the coastline is a deep but still fjords. Norway’s capital city is Oslo (Oslo), a former colony of ancient Vikings. Locate on the northern edge of the Oslofjord. Oslo is known as one of the world’s fastest growing cities. It is Norway’s main economic, financial, educational and tourism center. The uniqueness of this place is that it is a city with many beautiful old and new architecture. Oslo may be one of the most expensive cities in the world. But will not stop you from visiting It is often rank as one of the best rural environments in Europe for the quality of life. Art lovers will definitely love this place.


FROGNER SCULPTURE PARK, home to art and sculpture exhibitions. Carving a portrait from granite. And the casting of bronze and bronze figures All works belong to the famous sculptor Gustave Vickersland. Here there are more than 200 actions to be see by the masterpiece is a pillar in the center of the park, which is 17 meters high, named Monolitten around the column carved into a story about the cycle of human life. 

Characteristics of monolit poles It was a picture of many people clamoring on a column, it took 22 years to build from a single piece of granite. And there is also a famous bronze statue of Angry Littleboy. Gustave built this garden by infusing the spirit of life. He wanted to convey the cycle of life. That there will be a life cycle that spins endlessly It seems that Gustave had the intention of teaching the dharma in life. In the art form according to his style


Norway’s most famous shopping street, Karl JOHANGEN GATE. It is both a shopping district and meeting place for tourists from all over the world visiting Norway. Located in the middle of Oslo There are all kinds of products to choose from to shop. Souvenirs and gifts that are worth buying are Fur products, fish oil, cheeses, candles And souvenirs such as Viking or Troll dolls, Norwegian folk dolls, kitchenware, key chains, etc.

Konggelige Slott

The Royal Palace (Konggelige Slott), high in the northwest of Karl Johansgate, is an important and beautiful historical landmark. Completed in 1849, it showcases beautiful neoclassical style. It is a palace surround by gardens with ponds, statues and manicured gardens. In front of the palace is a monument to a statue of the Swedish Norwegian King Carl Johan. This statue was made by Norwegian sculptor Brynjulf ​​Bergslien.The Royal Palace is also visible from KARL JOHANGEN GATE street.

National Theater

The National Theater , the largest theater in Norway. Most outstanding, the theater had its first performance on September 1, 1899.


The Norwegian Parliament Building (Storting) is a yellowish building.The building was design by Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet and built with yellow bricks with details and a light gray granite basement. It is a combination of various styles, the shape of the building looks very beautiful and outstanding.

Aker Brygge district

Aker Brygge was once one of the largest ports in Norway. Currently it has been renovate into a complete and popular entertainment center. As well as a residential area of ​​the nobility of Oslo. Have luxury homes And many modern shops It is a center of nightlife entertainment, with pubs, bars, chic restaurants, and chilling cafes, as well as a cinema, opera house, and a shopping mall Suitable for relaxing. There was a hat-opening show. There were musicians on the side of the street singing good songs. This area can attract a lot of tourists.

Akurshus castle  

Akurshus Castle  is a castle located in Oslo. Originally built in the Middle Ages as a city with the seat of a royal representative. This fortress was located at Akersneset in Oslo in 1600. The castle was rebuilt in the style of the Renaissance. Surrounded by a fortress tower This very old castle, more than 700 years old, has survived multiple siege. The castle was never occupied by the enemy army. Military operations cease in 1815 and resumed between 1820 and 1850, before the 1850-1900 was abolish. The fortress was then convert into military headquarters. Civil servant school Parts of the building were also use as prisons and prisons after 1820.

Oslo Opera House

Opera House (Oslo Opera House) is the Norwegian national opera. The building is located in Bjørvika, Oslo city center. Constructed in a modern style, construction began in 2003 and completed in 2007. The glass and white marble geometrical building. Designed to look like a giant iceberg emerging from the water. There are white sloping walkways around the Opera House being award the World Architecture Festival Cultural Award 2008 and the Mies van der Rohe award 2009.

DFDS Cruises  

Cruises We chose the DFDS boat itinerary. Originating in Oslo (Oslo), Norway, terminating at Copenhagen, Denmark, is a magnificent cruise ship. That is fully equip with many facilities such as pub, bar, sauna room, duty free shop. Game room, etc. Invited to relax and take a walk on the boat. Before going up to see the beautiful view when the boat pulls the anchor And have a buffet dinner in the boat Ready to stay overnight on this cruise ship See the beautiful scenery on the deck of the ship Or shopping duty free

 The room has many amenities such as Air conditioning, TV, clothes rack Telephone service Wi-Fi internet access is available in an en suite bathroom.

On the ship there are different restaurants. For tourists to choose such as Little Italy Italian restaurant serves deliciously simple pizzas and pastas. Espresso House serves hot and cold beverages. As well as pastries and sandwiches Buffet restaurant 7 Seas serves Nordic and international dishes with buffet line, SJØ offers a gourmet dining experience using local seasonal ingredients. The Explorers Steakhouse serves meticulously prepared steaks and ribs.