Top 7 Shopping Places in Seoul That was gone

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Seoul, South Korea is consider to be a country with many Thais to travel each year. Many people are fascinate by the beauty of nature. Some people enjoy the culture and food. Some people like the weather In addition, the Korean series that influences Thai people, it makes many people come together to buy a program to follow in the footsteps of the series. It is another kind of fun. And what cannot be missed is shopping. This article will please the shopper by introducing 7 must-visit places. When visiting Korea Guaranteed when you go Worthwhile and get something that is cheap and affordable.

1. Itaewon-dong ,Seoul

This 24-hour shopping area is known as a shopper’s paradise (especially those who shop and like to bargain ^^). It is a long street. Where you can go shopping until you get tired. Itaewon Intersection to Hannamdong. There are more than 2 stores, 000 stalls and more than 400 stalls with ready-made clothes Leather bag, fine craftsmanship Jewelry and accessories, handbag, fur set at a cheap price. Leather goods made from eel skin Or antiques shop Korean artwork etc. And a lot of other products to choose from. When shopping for tired groceries, there are sprawling local food stalls to stop by, clubs and bars, souvenir shops. Can say that it is really complete to choose from In this area, it is the accommodation of foreigners in Korea. There is a wide selection of products at attractive prices. There are also international dishes such as Thai, German, Italian, Indian, and in the night, Itaewon Street becomes an exciting area. Exciting for people who like a night out, too.

2. Myeong-dong ,Seoul

Myeongdong Market is one of the top shopping destinations in Korea. Shoppers are well known. It is home to many brand-name products, clothes, shoes, bags, restaurants, shops and stalls. This place is located in the heart of Seoul. If comparing this area with our home It is similar to Siam, that is, it is a source of young, handsome, beautiful, cute, youthful, coming for a walk and shopping. Myeongdong is consider a Korean cosmetics market. Because it will include almost all brands that exist in Korea The price of the products in each store will be the same for everything. Except for the store, which has a more interesting way to call customers into the store, that is, free gifts, some stores will call customers to come in by giving more free gifts than others. Another charm of Myeongdong is Korean traditional food That will be sold in many street carts to choose from It is a very traditional taste in Korea. If anyone is recommend to try a long, tall soft-serve ice cream.

3. Namdaemun Market ,Seoul

This market is a little closer to Myeongdong Market. If anyone is still not satisfied with shopping and is not tired. Then walk a little further to Namdaemun Market. Namdaemun Market is consider to be another place. That shoppers should not miss It is a traditional market that has been open for a very long time since 1964, it is the largest wholesale source in Seoul. There are many products to choose from, whether it is clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, food, imported products, wholesale sources. Most importantly, most of the products come directly from the manufacturers. Shoppers will probably be satisfy with the attractive prices. There is a zone that is an outdoor market. And the zone that is the center of modern shopping, such as the Meso, in the food zone, foodies should not miss it as well. They endorse a lot of products. Enjoy shopping and shopping. There are also dried foods, ginseng, import snacks, kimchi, seaweed, etc. They are all available at Namdaemun.

4. Shinsegae Duty Free

Shinsegae Department Store is a new department store just opened in mid-2016 and has many products to choose from. From clothes, electrical appliances, souvenirs, food, snacks, LINE, KAKAO, especially cosmetics. There are many famous Korean brands to choose from, all price levels, and most of them are cheaper than outside because there is no tax. And there is no need to bother to ask for a tax refund later as well. Travel to shopping is also very convenient. Because it is located in the middle of the city, next to the Myeongdong shopping district, which is easily accessible to each other. But the most important thing is that now this mall has free travel coupons. And reduce, exchange, give away many more giveaways Even if anyone has traveled to Korea, they did not use this coupon. Considered a lot of mistakes

5. COEX Shopping Center

One of the famous shopping spots in Korea that is very popular with foreign tourists. Highlights here, they have a wide variety of products. Moreover, the price is still pleasing to the shoppers as well. This shopping center It is located in the World Trade Center building with 55 floors of commercial units. And the convention hall and regularly exhibits products. More importantly, it is another duty-free shopping destination in Seoul. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have a lot of tourists come to shopping for duty-free, and most importantly, there is Lotte Duty Free, another very large duty-free shopping center in the heart of Seoul. There are brand-name products. So many to choose from Including various Japanese cosmetics brands And tourists can still buy ginseng at the Korean government ginseng centers. That came to set up a branch here to shop as well Within the commercial center there is also an international food court. Waiting to serve tourists There are up to 16 theaters.

6. Dongdaemun Market

Dongdaemun Market is a market that offers a wide variety of products and modernity, famous fashion clothes shop at affordable prices, is a market with many shops. More than 20 modern department stores located around Injimun or the East Gate. It is a place to sell clothing, wear, leather goods, mattresses, home appliances, sports equipment, shoes, etc. Dongdaemun Market is another famous market in Korea as well. And it is considered to be another big fashion clothing retail and wholesale market in Korea. Here he has a neat and organized zone for selling products. Causing tourists to walk and shop Easy to walk and find things to buy easily. Will be very busy in the evenings And there will be a lot of photographers to take beautiful pictures at night. And here is still open for a chip until 5am

7. Ewha Shopping Street

Located in front of Ewha Womens University, another shopping area. It is worth going to shopping and not to be missed and because it is located near. Come to Saree College The shops in this area focus on products for women, young women, fashion trends that are more trendy than many. And on both sides of this district There will be a variety of clothing stores, shoes, bags, most of which are trendy brands in Korea. With a Korean style Korean fans will definitely love it if they shop in this area. The price will tell you that. Worth paying for each other The product price level is neutral. There is also a large department store like Yes aPm that offers a wide variety of products and shops in this area tend to have discounts on a regular basis. This paradise for foodies is also known as school food street with many restaurants like fast food, or Korean style food with luxury shops or stalls. There is a choice to taste and taste each other, forget about the fat for sure.