“Explore 5 popular districts in Tokyo”

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Explore 5 popular districts in Tokyo Japan, Japan a country full of interesting tourist attractions, both natural and unique culture. And friendly people. Causing many people to have plans to travel to experience a bit of Japan. And most often it starts with the modern capital Tokyo (Tokyo), a city ​​full of people. Modern style building Many amenities. Including being the main city for organizing the Olympics, but how do you go to Japan for a pro? So we have compiled 5 popular districts that you shouldn’t miss in Tokyo. Where professional Japanese tourists are guaranteed to go! That but there will be some neighborhoods Let’s go see.


For the first district Can be called The most popular starting point of your visit to Tokyo. No matter which trip you go, you will never miss Asakusa (Asakusa) because Asakusa is home to some of Tokyo’s best highlights. The tourists were on their own and with the tours do visit check-in camera with a light red giant at the gate of the temple, a Zen Sochi (Sensoji Temple).

Also called the Temple Asakusa with tasting CH keep up forever. Nakamise Shopping Street at the entrance of Sensoji Temple. In addition to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. It is also home to the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world. Another landmark of Tokyo as well.


Arrived in the capital, Tokyo, the most exciting city ever. We wouldn’t have missed out on a neighborhood known as New York, Japan. Believe that many people would have seen pictures of the 5 intersection of the crosswalk surrounded by modern buildings. That place is Shibuya, the entertainment district of Tokyo. Full of shopping malls Complete shopping center Therefore full of modern fashion All shopkeepers must be satisfied. 

Shop until you satisfy and do not forget to walk across the street 5 Shibuya Crossing (Shibuya Crossing) because it is the 5 largest intersection in the world. Even though it is said that if you come to Tokyo and haven’t walked across the Shibuya 5 intersection, it is considered that you have not arrived.


Walked further, not far from Shibuya. It is another popular district in Tokyo that Japanese tourists should not miss because Shinjuku is another district of Tokyo that is extremely diverse. Including shopping centers, parks, delicious Japanese restaurants Shinjuku is a district that never sleeps in Tokyo. Full of tourists A district that collects the cool of Tokyo retains full flavor, whether it be a park or sickle Shinjuku   (Shinjuku Gyo-en) destination of Tokyo. Or will it be Japan’s leading department store such as Tokyu Hands, Big Camera and Don Quijote?

For beginners in Japan Going on a tour of Tokyo to complete all districts It may be a bit tricky. Must plan the trip carefully Which Japan is considered to be a country with many electric lines Complicated And even more if you want Taking relatives, parents, traveling to Japan We may want to travel comfortably. 

Traveling to Japan with a tour Seems to be the ideal idea Because the tour will arrange the planning of the hotel trip, flight ticket for us successfully You don’t need to plan your own trip. Or getting on and off the train itself gives a headache With a guide to take care of Service throughout the trip Have a comfortable and worry-free trip to Japan.


For the Ueno area, it is another area in Tokyo that Thai tourists come to visit. Because this area is home to a shopping market of Thai people called Kaname’s market Yoko (Ameyoko Market) Tasting Shop Shield is famous among tourists. Full of shops Many kinds of stores, including bags, clothes, shoes, and also home to restaurants. 

Japanese style eatery Which if anyone goes in the evening May meet with Japanese salarymen to come and eat Have fun drinking Not only the Ameyoko market. Ueno area was also the site of the building Waitakere grandmother (Takeya Building) or building purple malls in Thailand enjoy the park Ueno (Ueno Park) a large park in the heart of Tokyo. Another famous cherry blossom place in Tokyo.


Known as the capital of Japan. Tokyo is full of shopping centers. Including this area, Ikebukuro (Ikebukuro), another district that is as lively as Shibuya or Shinjuku. Because Ikebukuro is a district where many trains pass This district is full of shops. 

Many shopping malls And that is the most famous Most of the products in this area are cheaper than other districts in Tokyo. I have heard this, many shopaholics will look dazzling. Conclude that it is true or not. You have to try and prove yourself.