6 Fun Photo Towns The brightest colors

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10 Fun Photo Towns The brightest colors from around the world


Colorful buildings line the charm of Willemstad‘s harbor town. The old city center is full of art galleries, shops, restaurants , cafés, bars and clubs. Striking colonial architecture with a Dutch influence. who have occupied the island since colonial times It is also the location of the city that has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cinque Terre Photo Towns 

This old fishing village Set amongst some of the world’s most spectacular coastal scenery. and the architecture of the houses in Chiqua Teres still retains the original style. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is unique. Because it is located on a steep cliff surrounded by fields and gardens.


Not far from Copenhagen is Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. old wooden frame building Stroll down Nedergade Street, where antique shops in colorful 16th-century buildings are lined with brightly colored small houses that look like they belong in the pages of a storybook.


One island in the center of Sea Lake Hotel Florence House Candy colors lined the sidewalk next to a canal. Inside this colorful building are restaurants and shops. Burano’s famous product is lace. It is a handicraft of young women since the 16th century. A popular activity here is sailing. Or take a walk around Burano’s four islands. which is connected by a small bridge

Gamcheon Culture Village
South Korea

The only painted village in Busan, South Korea is Gamcheon Culture Village. which the government began to develop by taking artists to create art on each house draw bright cute patterns and represents the famous coastal city of South Korea. In addition to the bright colors of candy throughout the village There is also a highlight is the Little Prince statue. World-class literary masterpieces are a selling point where tourists queue up to take photos for a long time.


Thousands of buildings and houses paint dazzling candy colors on the hillside. It is a distinctive feature of the city of Valparaíso, or Falparaiso. At first glance, it might be thought of as just a family built right next to each other in the mountains. But smart design and architecture. integrated with living culture Adaptation to the terrain full of steep mountains. It makes this city protected as a World Heritage Site as well. This is an important port city. It is the location of the naval base. be the center of education and the country’s most popular summer resort towns.