How to stay sustainable “camping”

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According to the North American Camping Report, sponsored by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), the number of camping families in 2019 hit 91 million, up 2.7 million from 2018, and the 2020 numbers are expected to rise. Go again Forecasts arising from the Covid-19 situation that has turned people to drive and travel. And go out to live more in nature Understanding and adapting to outdoor living It is important that everyone learns.

From the great experiences we’ve had from camping in the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast, we take a look at what the camping culture is like to Camping Etiquette or basic etiquette. And things you should know when going out to live in nature.

1. Choose the campsite that you like, book in advance, be beautiful, camping

In the middle of 2020, after the lockdown, cities began to open up national parks to help relieve stress. Campgrounds across America were fully booked on many holidays. The place was booked several months in advance.

Finding an empty campsite has never been so easy. But with a good reservation system Allows us to plan the trip in advance For most of the state-managed national parks, there is a central site. Let us take a look at the camping sites in many states across the US. Just select the area that we want to go. The website page will give you a few options. If the camping area is already full The system will recommend the neighborhood instead.

2. Check in, stay Understand the basic rules and Quiet Hours, camping

When booking the desired accommodation already. The stay is not difficult with the reservation system. That proof of booking will be sent by email As soon as we got to the point for camping Just drop by to check-in at the office to receive a car hang tag. Before going to rest at the tent camping spot Although it seems that camping sites have many regulations governing them. But in the part of booking and check-in Some things are flexible, such as many times we didn’t reserve them in advance. And arrived at the accommodation after the office was closed We were able to stay early that night. And can go to make payment at the office in the morning But make sure that we choose a camping spot that is vacant and that no one has reserved it.

All camping grounds have a clear Quiet Hours and are strictly observed by everyone. In most cases, loud noises, music playing, or playing music are prohibited between 10pm and 6am, with Quiet Hours varying. Depending on the requirements of each place Camping areas, even in open spaces, away from each other. But at night the noise is a little loud Can cause noise pollution to disturb others and wildlife.

3. How to manage waste effectively? Does not disturb wildlife and nature

Most of America’s national parks Despite being developed with complete facilities But still very natural as well This can be seen from the number of wildlife circulating in the camping spots so much that there must be a strict prohibition that must be followed to prevent wildlife infestation. (And does not interfere with the way of life of wildlife), especially black bears that are common in the national parks of America. Allowing wild animals to grab their food And garbage in the camping area, in addition to being dangerous to people It is also dangerous to animals as well.

4. A fun campfire But must be safely ignited

Space for camping activities everywhere. There are often rules about setting fire that everyone must strictly follow. Usually there is a fire pit or a fire ring. Fire ring is a low round steel chimney to enclose the combustible material in the frame. These steel chimneys are designed to be easy to use in fire. The side has a small hole to allow air to enter. Allows the lights to stick easily. And there is a steel cooking grate attached to it for convenience. In addition, some camping areas Not allowed to start a fire at all. Therefore, we will have to bring a portable gas stove attached to it by ourselves.

Most campsites have tables and a portion of the campsite. Before coming into use, we need to understand the rules of each place thoroughly. While some places don’t allow fires at all for safety reasons, besides the Fire Ring, some have grill grates to stand up for easy barbecues, but many times, portable gas grills are indispensable.

5. Maintain our temporary home to make the real owner comfortable.

Even each area that is open as a camping spot will have different rules. Or perhaps there is a very unclear requirement. But what we should all keep in mind is We are going to experience nature and have fun in our temporary home. No matter what kind of camping it is The area that we experience is actually A permanent home for wild animals. Including trees and vegetation that lived before us

Asking us to share fresh air and beautiful natural areas Therefore, they should also respect their land and their lives. Therefore, we help each other to preserve nature in its original state. Not littering And does not bring anything back Because the main goal of being outdoors It is to learn how to balance coexistence with living beings that are different from us. While helping to preserve the precious nature for longevity For all of us on this planet.