Camping spots at “Khao Yai National Park”

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Khao Yai National Park If you are tired from work day, you want to find time to relax your brain. A two-day outing near Bangkok and one night should be enough for our body and brain to recover. Will come back to life again

From Bangkok to Khao Yai, we will take only less than 3 hours to arrive. Khao Yai National Park, there are mountains, waterfalls, animal spotting and a variety of activities to do. With the tent camping spot at Khao Yai, there are mainly places for camping, namely Lam Ta Khong tenting point and Pha Kluai Mai tenting point for tourist attractions in Khao Yai National Park, where are there? Let’s see

Lam Ta Klong Tent Ground

This tent is very suitable because it is located on the waterfront with a nice atmosphere.

Pha Kluai Mai Camping Ground

The camping spot here is a large outdoor courtyard. Can accommodate a large number of tourists. It is very popular with tourists and there is also a restaurant available all the time. Another highlight of this campsite is Close to Pha Kluai Mai Waterfall and Suwat Waterfall Pha Deawai Viewpoint and Pha Diadai Viewpoint The bathrooms in the courtyard of this tent include toilets and showers with hot water. There is also a sink in front of the bathroom. You can cook grilled food at the front of your tent. Or to order food from a la carte restaurant at the tourist service unit, they also have a service

Pha Kluay Mai Waterfall

It is about 1 kilometer from the Pha Kluai Mai camping ground.

Kong Kaeo Nature Trail

For walking activities to study the Kong Kaeo nature trail There will be a walking distance over a kilometer. It is a pathway into the forest which has shady trees along the way. Some parts have bridges across the streams.

Saisorn Reservoir

This place is suitable for watching the sunset in the evening atmosphere, and in the evening, we can come and spot the animals here because this water source is a water source for nocturnal animals to drink water together.

Night viewing

We can contact the park staff. The staff will take us to spot the animals at night, if you are lucky, you will meet animals such as deer, batting elephants, wild elephants and other animals. This activity takes about 1 hour. There are only 2 rounds, which are 19:00 and 20:00, with one car that can accept up to 10 tourists. The price is 500 baht per vehicle. 50 baht only

Pha Diao Daai Cliff

Watch the sunrise and the sea of ​​mist at Pha Dua Lai in the morning. This activity is for those who are diligent to wake up a little early because they should leave the accommodation no later than 05:30 am to reach Pha Dua Lai which is about 13 kilometers away from the camping site. You can park your car at the parking lot. After walking across the bank, you will find an entrance which is a line of nature study routes. Pha Diadai, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the sunrise view point. Which for Pha Dua Lai is a very beautiful sunrise in the morning On some days, if you are lucky, you will also see a sea of ​​mist.

Haew Suwat Waterfall

It is a very beautiful waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, which many people may mistake the Haew Suwat Waterfall and Haew Narok Waterfall as the same place, but they are not. The highlight of Haew Suwat Waterfall is the natural view around. At the bottom of the waterfall is a pond where you can swim because the height of the waterfall is only 25 meters.

Haew Narok Waterfall

It is located about 24th kilometer from the parking lot, you have to walk for about 1 kilometer until you reach the first level waterfall viewing point. Haew Narok Waterfall is known for being the tallest and most beautiful waterfall of Khao Yai National Park. But there is little fear Because this waterfall has a steep cliff with a depth of about 200 meters with rocks along the line during the rainy season will have a lot of water Should be careful of wild water. We will hear news about elephants falling into the waterfall continuously as it is a steep cliff.To visit this waterfall, the best time is at 10 am as the sunlight falls on the rainbows of boiling water.