“6 camping grounds near Bangkok”

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For those who love to travel like a hip by taking to a list of 6 camping grounds, beautiful views, good atmosphere, close to Bangkok, chic camping with The Gang or family, you will definitely be impressed. Definitely go Whether it is friendship during the trip or a good atmosphere Close to nature This holiday has to try and change the atmosphere. Follow us.

1. Rim Tara Camping, Ratchaburi

Take the camping line to check in at the first Rim Thara, Camping Suan Phueng, the newest camping ground. It is not far from Bangkok. Drive for 2 hrs. A little bit and you are now here. This camping ground is located in the midst of nature. Suitable for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Come to sleep and listen to the sound of nature. I can say that it is close to nature and exclusive. 

2. Rabbits eat meat, Kanchanaburi

Continue to the tent ground, the atmosphere is good. Meat eating rabbit Is a camping ground next to the River Kwai Probably don’t have to describe much about how good the atmosphere will be I can only say that I am happy! Peaceful, shady, spacious lawn courtyard The wind blows cool all day. Social lines must love I can assure you that you will get a cool and stylish picture.

3.Hale Tiger Tongue, Kanchanaburi

Another camping ground in Kanchanaburi. Atmosphere in the middle of nature At the gorge of a tiger That is surrounded by mountains and trees suitable for recreation. Or do some wading activities With The Gang, whether it is fishing, swimming or boating, there are 2 zones here, the waterfront zone and the lawn zone. Anyone who likes the atmosphere of any feeling can hurry and go and occupy them.

4. Na Non Camping Ground, Kanchanaburi

Arrive at the popular camping ground Na Non, he is a camping ground next to the Kwai Yai River. Surrounded by mountains The atmosphere is really beautiful. It is a spacious lawn. There are trees to feel refreshed and comfortable for the eyes. There is a safety system. This holiday, let’s go change the mattress together with peace of mind.

5. The Campville Khaokho, Phetchabun

Feeling hip with The Campville located at Khao Kho. He’s a very hip camping! Which has a really beautiful view I can tell that the atmosphere is very good. Lie down to catch the wind on the mountain Listen to the sound of the trees If visiting during winter, there is a beautiful sea of ​​mist to watch with a very romantic water or Or Have to poke someone next to it I have checked in.

6. Watermelon Ranch, Ten Man, Suphan Buri

Let’s change the atmosphere at Ten Man Watermelon Ranch Great atmosphere camping ground Which is surrounded by a beautiful view of the reservoir and mountains Calm atmosphere It is really suitable for vacationing. The accommodation has both stylish marquee tents available as well as a large courtyard where you can put your own tent as well. There are restaurants and cafes available. Complete with every chill! Good for your heart like this, you have to go and reserve..