5 “Luxury tent” accommodation with air conditioning

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Who wants to sleep in a tent, feel the nature closely But rather addicted to luxury Trip Getter There are good options to deposit with a luxury tent with air-conditioned. With complete facilities As if to raise a small room. In a tent like that This time, the youngsters will have some experience sleeping in the tent and camping with him. Ensure that the atmosphere is as good as traditional tents. 

1. The Camp Chiang Khan

Luxury tent along the Mekong River Great atmosphere The Camp Chiangkhan Located just 2 kilometers from Chiang Khan Walking Street, for the luxury tents here, there are 3 types: River Front Camp. You can see a 180-degree view of the Mekong River ever. Deluxe Camp, although not on the Mekong River, but still has a clear view and Eco Camp, a nature lover tent set in the middle of a beautiful garden. One of the specialties is the River Front Camp, a Suite Camp type with bathtub in front of the tent. Each type of tent has complete facilities. As well as having an ensuite bathroom In the evening, we still enjoy a grilled set with a view of the Mekong river that the accommodation has to offer.

2.Monengdao Resort 

Mon Ing Dao Resort, Moncham, Chiang Mai, the accommodation on Doi Moncham with both modern style houses and dome tents that everyone will wow when they see pictures of dome tents. With a stylish and unique look It is so interesting that I want to go and try to sleep once. The dome tent also has all the facilities such as TV, air conditioner and all private bathrooms. In the evening, not to mention, you can order pork pan to eat. In front of the tent with a view of the mountain Dome tents lined up in rows as if they were out of this world. Even at night, you can see the beauty of the lights twinkling throughout the area. Say it is very romantic.

3.Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai

Another glamping style accommodation near Bangkok amid the mountains and green nature. Lala Mukha Tents Resort Khao Yai offers 3 types of rooms: Eco Safari Tent, Eco style tent. Spacious space can sleep 2 people, there is a front area for living. And inside there is a bed, sofa, TV with air conditioner but will have to use the shared bathroom. The interior has complete facilities and the Loft Tree House is a large 2-storey tree house with the upper floor being an attic. Can accommodate up to 4 people, very private. Throughout the area of ​​La La Muka, you can go for a walk and relax in every corner. It is another accommodation that has a high chill. Who wants to sleep in a luxury tent near Bangkok? Come here, no disappointment.

4. Rivertel, Kaeng Krachan

Air-conditioned tent on the river Kaeng Krachan Rivertel Kaeng Krachan is another luxury tent that you must get to know. Because here is super chic There are a variety of rooms to choose from. Riverside terrace Chic curtains and River Tales Camp style rooms with air-conditioned tents. There is a private bathroom. Grill equipment There are 3 types of hot tubs in front of the tent, including Sweet Camp for 2, Friends Camp for 4, Family Camp for 4, and Garden Camp for 2 with shared bathroom. There is also an Inthanin house. It’s a wooden house with air-conditioned, river view It also has a model stream flowing through it. The atmosphere is extremely shady. Suitable for people who want comfort Anyone who wants to stay in the shady atmosphere, there is a water bath to soak in for relaxation. This is the most suitable place!

5. The Garden Tent & House , Chiang Mai

The Garden Tent House This winter, let’s get the cold wind at a good atmosphere accommodation on Doi Inthanon. The Garden Tent There are 8 luxury villas and tents, divided into 2 wooden houses, 2 cement houses and 4 luxury tents for The Garden’s luxury air-conditioned tents. Has a spacious interior A lot of usable space And complete with facilities such as refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, kettle, toaster. And also has an en suite bathroom with water heater It can be said that it is a tent that is as comfortable as staying in a room. More importantly, you can also experience the natural atmosphere of Doi Inthanon closely. It also has a large open courtyard and flower field. If you look at the mountain view from the accommodation, you can also see the view of Siriphum Waterfall.