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This can be seen in reviews from many influencers or travel bloggers who go camping. Lie down and watch the stars with someone you know Or a gang of friends Or even Take a picture of showing off the tent. With camping equipment And many other cool props.

Australia also has a large number of campgrounds in the country. We will introduce you to “Glamping” camping that is more luxurious than ordinary camping. Glamping tents have formal toilets. There is a kitchen inside, making it easy to cook your own meals. And for some places, the glamping tents are air-conditioned, equipped with a TV, a refrigerator, and all the amenities are like a hotel room. But they were only in tents today, Allianz Travel Will take you to experience 10 popular camping spots all over Australia starting with


Kakadu National Park It is located in the Alligator River Valley in the Northern Territory of Australia. Located 191 kilometers southeast of Darwin, it is the largest park in the world. It is also a World Heritage Site. Kakadu kakadu is a place of great diversity in ecology and life. The park area includes tropical forests, grasslands, marshes, floodplains, mountains, rocks, lowlands and hills. There are also different plant and animal species. A large number of this park.

It has a shady camping area amid not large trees. And the beautiful nature of Kooinda (Kooinda) next to the Yellow Water Billabong (Yellow Water Billabong), a beautiful serene lake.

It is surrounded by the spectacular landscape of Kakadu National Park. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife. And the unique flora of Australia from here, such as mammals and masopias. There are over 60 species of birds (marsupial) and placental (placenta). More than 280 species of birds live here. There are 25 frog amphibians and hundreds of fish species. More than tens of thousands of insects and 1,700 species of plants, it is one of the most diverse and abundant natural areas in the world ever. Indigenous people over 25,000 years old live with it.


For those who are a nature traveler who likes adventure, we recommend you go laying on the Fortress, the natural rock formations in Grampians National Park, this is an unusual camping spot. This place is dubbed the Grand Canyon of Australia. It includes small waterfalls, large streams, high cliffs, as well as a wide variety of local fauna such as native birds and wild kangaroos. Let us search together.

Popular tourists come to stay overnight. Maybe camping, freeing up a tent, or staying in a hotel. In this national park, it is also available. Because it is very spacious here One day trip may not be enough. For the famous activity that most tourists popular is going to see the waterfalls. And hike up the hill to The Pinnacle walks, another important highlight where you can get a panoramic view of the natural surroundings. Open as far as the eye can see But if anyone is a lover of animals, they can meet a lot of kangaroos here. Both the area to be viewed with a fence Or if anyone wants to go and have a closer look Can be seen along the way Which should not be missed And I can assure you that you will not be disappointed for sure


Narawntapu National Park is a national park in Tasmania. Australia Located on the quiet northern coast of Tasmania. It stretches from Greens Beach at the mouth of the Tamar River to Bakers Beach in the west.

You can go here to experience the convenience of camping by trying life in nature. This is because the park is famous for its abundance in the forest. And it’s one of the best places to see rare wildlife in the state. You’ll find Forester wallabies, Wombats grazing in the evening. And you may be able to hear the roar of native wildlife such as the Tasmanian Devils. There are also a variety of birds that you can get up close with.

The park is also a feeding site for the endangered Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle. And often see birds out Or sea eagles (White-Bellied Sea Eagles) glide overhead. In addition, you’ll find shells and artifacts along the footpath. Which is an Aboriginal cultural heritage


Kimberley, Australia’s last great forest. In the northwest of the country It covers an area of ​​up to 421,451 square kilometers. It’s one of Australia’s hidden treasures. It has a vast and complex landscape with gorges, waterfalls, and beautiful caves. A lush rainforest And all kinds of wild animals.

There is an interesting place to relax, called El Questro Wilderness Park, located to the west of Kununurra. 110 kilometers east of the Comberley. A vast forest Has a deserted landscape This forest is also home to one of Australia’s most beautiful places you might not have imagined: “Hot spring”

There are two campsites of interest: the Black Cockatoo Campground, or choose to sleep at a private campsite by the Private Riverside Brush. (Private Riverside Bush campsite) are two of the best options to relax in the atmosphere and experience the real nature while camping in the Kimberley district.


There is an Australian symbol Uluru or Ayers Rock, a rock that rises from beneath the ground into the sky. It has a distinctive red color. It is located in the central part of Australia. It is a large rock, 348 m high and 9 km in circumference at its base. It is considered the largest rock in the world. The color of the stone changes over time, and each period has a different color. For example, at sunrise and sunset, there is a beautiful red reflection.

This location is Ayers Rock Resort located just 15 kilometers from the iconic Red Rock. The resort offers a wide range of accommodations, including campsites, pitching tents on the green grass beneath native desert oak trees. The campsite has a barbecue pool, outdoor kitchen and amenities. For guests Those camping here can also take the resort’s free shuttle to the local supermarkets, bars, shops and restaurants conveniently.

How are you doing with these 10 camping spots in Australia? That we bring together today When do international airlines open? Don’t miss out on the journey to experience this kind of experience once in your life. We believe there must be a camping spot that is sure to be your favorite and suitable for you. And when you go on an adventure in a foreign country like this Make sure to purchase ufabet travel insurance with us before you go. Allianz Travel lets you travel with peace of mind. You do not have to be worried that you will be sick or have an accident during the trip. We are here to take care of you 24 hours.