Top travel trends to watch in 2021 the covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down.

While there had been signs that the tourism industry was about to pick up this year. It may be hard to predict what lies ahead,

The word has been popular among hotels attempting to attract guests with special offers after the easing of Covid-19 measures last year. 

Top travel trends to watch in 2021 the covid-19

However, the term is not new. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “staycation” means a vacation spent at home or nearby. It was used in an advertisement in the Cincinnati Enquirer, an Ohio-based newspaper, on July 18, 1944. The term was also used as a guide of things for Americans to do during World War II by urging people to “take a stay-cation instead of a va-cation, this year”.


We may continue to see more flightseeing this year, perhaps with a twist like Singapore Airlines unveiled last year.


One does not have to stay in the office or home to work. Again, working remotely is not new but it has become more practical and mainstream during the pandemic. All we need is a reliable and fast internet connection and a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

According to a survey by Airbnb, 83% of 1,010 respondents were in favour of relocating as part of a shift towards remote work. In fact, one in five people have relocated during the pandemic either temporarily or permanently. 

Among those most likely to move to a new location for study or to work remotely are Gen Z UFABET and young millennials.


Sustainable tourism will remain in the spotlight. As the Covid-19 pandemic led to the temporary closure of all national parks last year, a major benefit was nature’s recovery.


Last but not least is the prospect of a vaccine passport.